Natural sites and museums

If the weather were to deprive us of our beautiful sun you will always have the possibility to discover the following sites or museums:

  • The lavender museum (St Remeze)
    The chestnut museum (Joyeuse)Silkworm
    Museum - magnanerie (Lagorce)
    Alphonse Daudet Museum ( St Alban)
    Neovineum - Wine History Museum (Ruoms)
    The castle of Roure or Vogüé
    The caves of La Cocalière - de la Madeleine - de la forestière
    The Grand site Aven d'Orgnac (Orgnac)
    Lavender Museum (St Remèze)
    Lussas Animal Park
    Unal Chapias House
    The Oil Mills

Since 1995, there have been six mills in the Ardèche.

  • the Froment aux Vans mill
    the Vezon mill in St-Sauveur-de-Cruzières
    the Bourdat mill in Vallon-Pont-d'Arc
    the Pradal mill in Bourg-St-Andéol
    the Vincent mill in Payzac-Brès
    the Cheyrezy mill in Bessas.
  • Domaine du pigeonnier